Update: 18th Green Modification

9/15/23 Update:
We are excited to start the redesign work on the 18th hole! Lajeunesse Construction, our chosen partner who also completed the bunker renovation, is anxious to start as well; however, they were impacted by this summer’s flooding—as were many others in the Barre area where they are located. We will know by the beginning of October if the work will begin this fall or in the spring. As always, we will try to minimize disruption to players while also prioritizing the best outcome for the playability and turf on the 18th hole.

The Project Decision:
Champlain Country Club’s membership has voted to redesign the 18th green, and work will be completed this year. With 276 members responding, we were pleased with the survey participation. What’s more, the decision to move forward with modifications to the 18th green was decided with a vote of 85%. A description of the planned changes is below.

Leave the green, much as it is now, but with limited changes that allow better playability and added hole locations. By making slight changes, it will promote better turf quality and an enjoyable putting surface, all while leaving the integrity of our shorter finishing hole.

Proposed Changes:

  • Cut sod at top crest of slope
  • Lower back tier 4 to 8 inches to create a more level and larger back tier
  • Mow out front left section (towards bunker) for added pin locations
  • Raise front right section to make level with left section

Leave the green looking like before but with a 2 tier slope that is playable.

We are proposing to complete this project by the end of the 2023 season with limited impact to playing.