July Newsletter

Hello! I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe. I know that this year has presented challenges for everyone, but it is nice to see so many people getting out and enjoying the club. This year looks to be one of the busiest years that we’ve had in some time. Our June numbers well surpassed last year with a significant rise in both greens fees and cart rentals.

Fortunately, the State has lifted some restrictions, and we have returned to regular tee times, as well as having ball washers, water, and garbage cans available on the course. We have also gone back to limiting two carts per group unless there is a special request. Thanks go out to everyone for being understanding, as we know it was not easy. Mike and his Pro Shop staff did a fantastic job getting us through a period with so many restrictions.

Champlain Country Club’s Board of Directors has authorized and/or facilitated several projects that are in the works:
– Recently, we hired a professional photographer to use a drone to shoot pictures of each hole on the course. Once the editing process is complete, the video will be used for advertising and will be on our website.
– We are also exploring having an online option for making tee times and other upgrades to our website.In the coming weeks, we will be doing some much-needed renovations to the clubhouse.
– Earlier in the year, the Board approved the replacement and repair of the ramp and deck on the parking lot side of the clubhouse. We delayed the project with the uncertainty of the impact of the pandemic, but we are in a position to proceed.
– Some contractors will be coming to look at the pond wall on #7, which requires repair and would likely be fixed in late fall.
– Our irrigation system presents Chris and his staff with many challenges as well. Chris is continually replacing valves and fixing leaks throughout the course. As a result, we are developing a long term schedule for preventative maintenance, which will hopefully mean it’ll be more efficient and take up less of our crew’s time. Chris and his team have done a great job keeping the course in excellent condition despite extremely hot and dry conditions.

On behalf of the Board, thank you all once again for making our club a great place. I wish everyone a lot of “member bounces” on all of the upcoming tournaments. Please feel free to send us any ideas to golf@champlaincountryclub.com.

Our next board meeting is on August 10th at 6:00 pm; all are welcome. The minutes to our June meeting are posted in the Pro shop. 

Chris Caster, President CCC Board of Directors
From the Greens
Chris Saylor, Superintendent
 Happy Summer! With the hot and dry weather we have been having this season, the course has been pushed to its limits with water–or lack of. So much so that I have had to pump water out of the #7 pond and send it down to #14 (i.e., irrigation pond). And, some have said that it’s never been that low, ever in the history of CCC.

The three ponds at CCC are all linked. When the irrigation pond (#14) is down, we can drain #7 and #2/#15 into #14 and fill it. When I began at CCC three years ago, the drains in #7 and #2/#15 were broken, and I wasn’t able to use them. I have been able to repair both recently. Going forward, if we go through a similar weather issue, I can open the drains and flush instead of having the pump running all day. I appreciate all of your patience putting up with the noise as we have been going through these hot, dry weather patterns.

On another note, the crew has been continuing to haul material to the #1 black tee and will continue until we get a good enough slope that we can shape, seed, and mow that area to keep it nice. We did have an issue with the backhoe for a few weeks and the project came to a stop. However, the backhoe has been repaired, and we continue to haul in between general maintenance. During the time that the backhoe was down, some of the crew members started clearing behind the #18 tee of overgrowth. We will also continue to work on #18 tee to make it nice for you all.

Hope you are enjoying the course this season so far. Thank you for your support!
Pro & Pro Shop News / Swimmer’s Restaurant
Mike Swim, Golf Pro & Pro Shop Manager
 Welcome to July 2020! Wow, what a roller coaster of a season. The club is off to the best season in history, and limited tee times have not dampened the desire to play one of the best courses in the state. Young, old, and new golfers have enjoyed the excellent (hot) weather and have kept us busy from morning to night.

We have been able to re-start some of our normal daily procedures at the club. Men’s league has gone back to a 5:00 pm shotgun start, tournaments are in full swing, and the schedule is as busy as always during the summer months. Please check on the website or call the Pro Shop for weekly tee times.

Some of you have noticed that we have gone back to two carts per group (with some exceptions), and we have returned water jugs, rakes, and ball washers to the course. We hope that our luck continues with Vermont being a safe state, but please respect the social distancing and protocols to help keep us all safe.

The Pro Shop is still struggling to get some products in, but we will do our best in these challenging times to accommodate all of our members’ needs. Let us know if there are items you would like to see in the shop.
– Tournaments: Men’s Member-Guest is full with 104 teams, Ladies’ Member-Guest is August 1st (register here).
– Small outing (Back in Time 9 Hole Shootout) is scheduled on 8/7 and Club Championships are scheduled for 8/8 & 8/9.
– Congrats to new members Reni Murphy & Ed Murphy for winning the Mixed Invitational!

Thanks for all the support in the mid-season swing. We love seeing all the happy golfers and hearing the great stories of the games played this year! Let us know how we can help you.

Swimmer’s Restaurant
The restaurant does not have a lot booked for the upcoming month, so feel free to stop in and check out all the delicious options. Of course, call ahead to make a reservation to ensure we can accommodate your needs. We look forward to seeing you and your guests soon!
Lady Links
Kim Barkyoumb, Ladies’ League President

Ladies have been swinging their clubs. We’ve had lots of new players join and new friendships formed. It’s casual golf with no pressure, so come join the fun.

Thursdays are the day! Sign up in the Pro Shop by Wednesdays at noon for morning league, which starts at 9 am. Thursday evenings for a 5:30 pm start are also available. Small games $2.00/pp.
– Thursday, August 6th, is our annual “3 Club Tournament.” Pick your favorite three clubs and challenge your creativity! This event is played on evening league night.
– The Ladies’ Member-Guest is just around the corner on August 1st with a July 28th sign-up deadline. Invite a friend, team up with another member, or have multiple friends in the Guest/Guest division! Always a fun time, and it’s a beach theme. The format has been 9 hole scramble and 9 hole BB. Beach Party at the 7th hole!

Congrats to Darlene Ross and Maris Rock, winners of the Morton Cambridge on July 12th. Summer is in full swing…You should be too! Come and join the FUN!