October Newsletter

I hope that this message finds everyone well.  It is hard to believe that the end of the golf season is quickly approaching us, and we want to thank all of you for a great year at the course. We were fortunate enough to see a record number of rounds played this year, as well as the faces of many new members. Our Fall Special alone brought in over 50 new members!
Again this year, the Tin Cup fundraiser was a success–raising around $10,000. All of the Tin Cup funds will be used for course improvements. Next year, Chris Saylor will be focused on renovating the bunkers, and we have already procured a much needed new mower to add to our fleet. The Board would also like to thank the Men’s League for a $1,500 donation to our Greens Department which will be used for the purchase of a brush cutter.
The Pro Shop is starting the implementation of ForeUp, which is our new, very robust point of sale system. Over the months ahead, please watch for information on the improvements and features the software will provide to your golf experience. We are very excited about this partnership, including the conveniences and modernizations it brings to the course. Since we are moving to a new system, all outstanding gift certificates will need to be used by November 15th.
Prior to the changes brought by COVID-19, we had scheduled our annual meeting for last Spring. We received feedback that the date of the meeting would be too early for those members that travel South in the winter, so we will be moving the meeting to late May 2021 to accommodate those members.  We hope by then things will be back to at least somewhat normal. If you have concerns or ideas, we want to hear them, so please reach out to us at golf@champlaincountryclub.com. The board minutes and a copy of the latest financials are posted in the Pro Shop.  Let’s all hope for at least a few more weeks of golf weather. Be well, everyone!!

Chris Caster, President CCC Board of Directors

From the Greens Chris Saylor, Superintendent

As we have entered fall, the maintenance crew has been hard at work prepping for the end of the season. No one wants the golf season to end, but it’s coming. The fall foliage has been magnificent this fall, but with the changing of leaves comes the falling leaves. We have been trying our best to keep the course clear for you all. Mother nature and her winds have been blowing and making our job of clearing leaves quite difficult some days.
This September/October, we have aerated all the tees, greens, and half of the fairways. The 1st black tee project has continued as Todd Derry has come and shaped the bank with his excavator. After, I dragged, seeded, and put hay matting down for grass to grow. Now the grass is coming in, and we will begin working on the wall part of the project. I must say that it’s looking good!
This past week, we blew out the irrigation lines so that I can continue repairing the fairway heads that have issues. Next season, we expect that most of the fairway heads will be working. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get them all done before winter comes. Lots to do.
The maintenance staff and I hope that you have been enjoying the golf course. Thank you for your support.

Press from the Pro Shop & Swimmer’s Mike Swim, Golf Pro, Pro Shop Manager, & Restaurant Owner

Members and guests, I can’t tell you what a great season it has been. As most of you know, it has been, an all day, everyday surge of golfers this 2020 season. It has been a tough year for the staff, and we appreciate your support, patience, and positive response to the busy season.
Each day, we have set records for the amount of play, and the daily revenues reflect the popularity of our golf course and what we offer as a club. We are blessed with excellent course conditions, and it was a dry, warm summer which helped all around. I hope everyone enjoyed a few good rounds and great company in these different times.
Looking to 2021 
We are looking forward to some great new changes for the 2021 season as we implement ForeUp Systems to create an updated point of sale system, which includes the ability to book tee times online and provide us with the ability to communicate more quickly with members and guests through text and email for up-to-date news and announcements. We will need to ensure we have your current phone and email to help provide the best service. The Pro Shop is going to upgrade our inventory, upgrade our special order options, and provide online shopping throughout the year to update your equipment or wardrobe. I will be working on a customer database with sizes, preferences, and wish lists to help stock the Pro Shop with things you like, which will help those that might want to buy for you!
In 2021, we will be looking for help in the Pro Shop and seeking volunteers for tournaments during the summer. There will be a sign-up sheet for helpers in the Pro Shop to help continue providing some of the best events any course has to offer. If you have free time please reach out!
Swimmer’s Restaurant & Clubhouse News 
The bar and building will be open as long as the course stays open; however, the menu will be limited as we wind down. We appreciate all your support during this challenging season, and thank you all for your help with the protocols set by the State. We will plan on a closing the coolers party on October 24th with a rain date of the 25th. There is no “official” golf event related to this party, so make your own tee time, and join us for fun all day long! Hope everyone has a great fall/winter, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Lady Links Kim Barkyoumb, Ladies’ League President

Hello Ladies,
I’m so excited to share the outcome of our end-of-season meeting! We had 14 wonderful women in attendance. Thank you to all that were able to attend, and we hope others will be able to join next year/season.
Our current bank account balance is $1,540, and we will be dispersing payments for:
  • Morton/Cambridge winners- $25 each,
  • Jean Hoyt winner-$25,
  • Martha’s Kitchen donation in memory of Jim Rock (Maris’s beloved husband),
  • Donation for Mass in honor of Patty Geraghty’s mother (she was an avid golfer and a wonderful inspiration),
  • Gift certificates to Mike Swim & Chris Saylor in appreciation for their outstanding work and dedication to our fabulous facility!
 We held election of new officers:
  • Keri Lawson, President
  • Renee Murphy, Vice President
  • Mary Brouillette, Treasurer
  • Dani Roberts, Secretary
These ladies are full of great ideas and lots of positive energy! We are so excited to welcome them and hear all their ideas. Next year, we will continue with our Thursdays as play days. It worked well for everyone this year.
Thanks to Patty Geraghty for her continued support and willingness to always assist. We appreciate all you’ve done in your role as part of the Ladies League support Team.
Keep Swinging Ladies!!
All the Best