Play It As It Lies – Fall 2023

It is always a little sad to write the end of the year newsletter knowing that we are in for several months of not being able to enjoy the course.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our members and staff for another great season at CCC.  We also extend our thanks to special past members, Bob & Julie Miller, who graciously donated $10,000 to the club as part of their trust. People who knew Bob and Julie knew what special people they were, and it is nice to know they held this club in such high regard; they are sorely missed.  We also would like to thank those that helped match our donation from two anonymous donors.  It is heartwarming to see how much this club is loved by its members.

It is no secret that the weather was not on our side this year with the unbelievable amount of rain that we experienced.  After playing other courses in the area and listening to feedback from others, it is remarkable how quickly our course rebounded after major rain events.  We commend our greens staff for the playing conditions that we had.

The hidden benefit of this wet season was that we were able to pinpoint areas where we need to invest in drainage, such as the approach on number 15.  We also realize that our current cart paths do not hold up well after heavy rain and require a lot of labor to remove the potholes, which is a fix that only lasts until the next rainstorm.  Earlier this season, we tested the use of larger stone on a section of path on number 2; it proved successful since it prevented the water from puddling.  Chris Saylor and his crew are currently working on spreading this larger stone on all cart paths, along with installing new culverts in areas where water has backed up.  We know you will see major improvements in the spring.

Island Excavating has been contracted to remove and replace the pond wall on number 7 that is failing, along with the 7 tee box wall.  They will be installing a boulder retaining wall, which is slated to begin once the ground is frozen.  We are also making upgrades to the front of the pro shop, which will include a new starter’s clock and landscaping.  However, the question that gets asked the most…when is the 18th green getting done?  Unfortunately, this year’s weather caused our selected contractor to get behind on his scheduling, which resulted in the project being postponed until the spring.  To minimize the amount of time the green is not playable, we have asked to be the first on the schedule in the spring.

We again would like to thank all of you who paid the Construction Assessment over the past two years, as this helped to offset the major investments that we have been able to make over the past several years.  From equipment purchases to improvements on the course, the club has invested over $400,000 in the past three years without increasing our debt.  To ensure funds are available for future years, new members will continue to be liable for the assessment for the first two years of membership.

The next hot topic is the restaurant…We would like to thank Jennifer and her staff at Fiddler’s on the Green for the last three years.  Based on survey results and direct feedback from members, the Board has decided to move the restaurant operation to a more member-focused direction. Any revenue generated will benefit our club going forward.  Our plan is to hire a manager to oversee the clubhouse operation, and this position will be an employee of Champlain Country Club.  Our goal is to focus the operation on our membership and golf clientele.  In the coming weeks, we will be interviewing staff, working on menus, as well as doing some renovations within the clubhouse.  Soon, we will also be working on a schedule of social events for you to add to your calendars for the next season.  We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas along the way to make this a success.  Again, we thank all of you that participated in the opening scramble and our annual Calcutta which raised funds for continued clubhouse improvements.

The club currently has a waiting list of over 90 people looking to join our club.  Our current membership is 440 members.  This coming week, we will be emailing the 2024 dues structure. As in the past, to receive the early pay greens fees, dues will need to be received by January 15th.  We are also offering the payment plan, which is three monthly payments starting January 15th.  Those 2023 members wishing to return in 2024 will have their spot held until February 15th before we start contacting those on our waiting list.

Please have a safe and enjoyable holiday season! If you have questions or feedback, please send an email to


Chris Caster

President, CCC BOD