September 2021 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that we are fast approaching the final months of the golf season. We are lucky that the best golf weather is in front of us, and there are many fun events coming up. The course continues to be in great shape. We’ve received impressive feedback from guests who have visited from across the state, so please take every opportunity to thank a staff member when you see them on the course.

We are grateful for everyone that played in the Opening Scramble, attended the Calcutta, and those that gave generous donations to support the second phase of the Member’s Lounge project. To date, we’ve raised $25,000 to support this project, which has allowed us to schedule construction to start in late October. The new covered deck will be open for use on opening day of next season!

Bunker Project

We understand that the conditions of the bunkers are getting worse, and a major restoration is needed. We have every confidence that Chris Saylor and his team would do a great job renovating the bunkers; however, after considering the amount of time required to properly complete the project while also maintaining the course to its optimum condition, we have chosen a different path. This undertaking would’ve been a multi-year process with only a few holes completed each year. Therefore, the board has decided to consult with several golf construction companies to provide us with ideas and pricing on the best approach to completing this much-needed project. They will also provide us options for the 18th green, which has been discussed for decades. The monies raised from last year’s Tin Cup are earmarked for this project, but additional funds will be necessary to cover the full cost. Once we have selected one or two options, we look forward to hosting a special membership meeting to discuss them in the fall.

Help on the Course

Recently, we have noticed players that have overlooked cart signs and the general rule of keeping carts on the paths around tees and greens. As a result, beaten down paths have been worn along some greens and tees, which in time will turn to dirt and an eye sore. Please help us keep these areas well maintained by keeping carts on the cart paths around these areas unless you are handicapped and have a handicap flag on your cart.

The maintenance team has been trying their best to provide a beautiful golf course for everyone to enjoy. As you play, please be aware of the maintenance crew on the course. If you see any of the maintenance team on the same hole as you, please give them some space, and please do not hit your ball until they are safely out of the way. Your help is appreciated during the day, as they do not have the option to work at night.

Upcoming Events

  • 9/9 & 9/23/21 4:00 Start: High School Match
  • 9/10/21 9:00 3:00: Hard’ack Tournament
  • 9/11 & 9/12/21 9:30-3:00: Men’s & Ladies’ Member-Member
  • 9/17/21 9:00-3:00: Bob Ashton Memorial
  • 9/25/21 10:00-4:00: Tin Cup Fundraiser
  • 10/6/21 Times TBA: Boys High School Sectionals
  • 10/16/21 10:00-4:00: Greenskeeper Revenge

Sign up early and reserve carts in advance for the Men’s & Ladies’ Member-Member, Tin Cup Fundraiser, and Greenskeeper Revenge tournaments, as they will be sold out.

We hope that you have a great autumn, and we are looking forward to the upcoming tournaments. Please join us for the Tin Cup fundraiser on September 25th; proceeds from this fun tournament are instrumental in helping us better the course. We welcome all suggestions or feedback; email us at